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Nailed Leather Handbags

Made to Customers designs

Large Custom Made, Hand Nailed Leather Handag Model NBC01; Made with coins and dimensions supplied by customer.

This straight-on front view belies the dimensions; 13 inches wide x 9 inches high x 5 inches deep!

The curved bottom of this handbag is the reason for the name "Hip Rider".  This shape allows for a roomy bag that doesn't stick out like a suitcase, and it doesn't slip off your shoulder!  Also notice the 1 1/4 inch wide strap and buckle.

The main inspiration for this bag was a model NB008, shown next to custom version.

Next, the personal coins were mounted to a similar look as this model NB009 with conchos.

Here, you see a closeup of one of the "Franklin" half dollars mounted at the ends of the shoulder strap.

A closeup of the front mounted "Seated Liberty" half dollar.

Another view of "Seated Liberty", showing it along with the clasp.

The hanging pocket inside this bag was designed to the wishes of its owner, including the samll overlay pocket to hold a note pad.

Simply a view inside the bag.  Actually, you could put a standard size handbag inside this one with room to spare.

A view of the bag open.

This photo shows a few of the many sketches and a sample piece made during the design of this one-of-a-kind custom handbag.

This NB003 went to a girl whose initials were "CS". We had to cut out the "CS" brand and nail it separately to the back of the bag because it was so close to another brand.

Again, an NB007, but this one for a lady with the initials "AD".

This is the customer designed inspiration for NB014, with extra lacing on the flap and both straps (see below).

Shown with the shoulder strap folded for wearing higher on the body, this NB014 also has a strap extensiopn for wearing across the body.

A curved bottom on this NB014, similar to the bigger purses, keeps the handbag close around the hip.

Totally designed by the customer, this bag is large, two-toned, and has a personally significant cross on the front, along with initials.

This back view shows the curved bottom which enables the bag to be carried close to the body, and a strap extension for carrying cross-shoulder.

Inside this bag are a variety of pockets, including some on the divider. Silver hardware is all either nickle plated solid brass, or stainless steel.