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Nailed Leather Handbag

Custom Made, "Hip Rider" Hand Nailed Leather Handbag Model NB006

An angular view of this handbag shows off the side detail and the curve of the bottom.

This custom made purse is curved on the bottom to fit the hip, so it doesn't stick out like a suitcase.

In addition to the outside front pocket, the inside has a pocket on the front and a "Hanging Pocket" on the back.

Here's a better view of the "Hanging Pocket".

A view of the back shows the curved "Hip Hugger" surface as well as the details of the nailed flap.

A long strap for wearing over the shoulder is adjustable with a buckle, and the snap shackle makes for an easy conversion (see photo below). Also, for safety when shopping, you can easily pass the shackle through the handle of a shopping cart to deter theft.

The strap is easily converted to a shorter version for hand carrying or wearing higher on the body, up under your arm.

The bottom of this unique horse collar buckle swivels up making this very easy to engage (shown unhitched), but the geometry of it prevents opening accidentaly.

Other NB006's with some options

This NB006 has a magnetic clasp and a casual nail design on the flap.

This NB006 is similar to the featured photos, but with different colors, slightly different shapes and nail patterns. This is an example of why no two bags are alike.

This is the first NB006 ever made, and it has no front pocket, and no clasp. It is still being worn by it's original owner.

Simply another photo of the original one year later, but in it's present condition. Aside from a few scratches, it looks like new!