"Home of the Nailed Handbag"

Nailed Leather Handbag

Custom made, Hand Nailed Leather Handbag Model NB014, with extra lacing on the flap and straps. (The extra lacing and all brass nails are extra cost options).

This is just a slightly different view of this hand made purse, which looks good from any angle.

Like many of the other handbags, this is the shoulder strap length in its standard form. (See below)

The shoulder strap can be looped through a ring to make this purse a carry-all, or to be worn higher on the body. The extra strap is an extension for wearing cross-body.

Here you can see the curved bottom allowing for a form fit around the hip. This hand made handbag feature keeps the bag from sticking out like a suitcase. The curved bottom is the second most unsual thing about this custom made purse; the first being that it is completely nailed together.

A back view of this hand made purse shows the nailed flap detail as well as the curved bottom.

A spacious purse, the NB014 has pockets front and back on the inside as well as the outer front pocket.

The hanging pocket, mounted to the back of the purse, holds credit cards, business cards, or perhaps an ID card or a checkbook. The zippered pocket is handy for personal items.

Another angle simply showing the latch mount detail, and a better view of the strap mount detail on the side.