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Nailed Leather Handbag

Custom made, Hand Nailed Leather Handbag Model NB013A

This is just a slightly different front angular view of this hand made purse with a view of the strap mount detail.

A back view of this hand made purse shows the nailed flap detail and the curved, body fitting bottom.

The hanging pocket, mounted to the back of the purse, holds credit cards, business cards, or perhaps an ID card. The zippered pocket is handy for personal items.

Another view simply showing the hanging pocket outside the handbag, allows you to better see its size and accessibility.

This simple Patch Pocket inside the front panel will hold a few business cards, or a couple of frequently used credit cards. It is also a handy place to put your keys or an ID Badge.

Looking down into the open handbag, you can see both the front patch pocket and the rear hanging pocket.

A bottom view of this hand made purse shows off its curved bottom, a form fitting feature.