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"Home of the Nailed Handbag"

A Little Bit About Our All American Belts

These belts are plain old 1 1/4" wide dress belts except for a few facts. For one, every single part of each belt was made in the united States of America. Most of my products are made from American supplies, but some are just no longer available. Almost all the brass buckles are now made in China, the rivets in Belgium, and other supplies are in simialr situations. We buy all the ingredients in these belts from American manufactureres; the dye, buckles, leather, even the staples that hold the keepers together, and the nails are made especially for me in Massachusetts. I have letters on file stating that the ingredients are American, not just "Assembled in America"."


All American Belt, 1 1/4" wide, made to fit $47

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