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Steve Corey.

Steve is a published musician, singer, and songwriter with two albums, several singles, and a third album on the way (possibly this year). Steve also hand fashions jewelry using only real gems. Hopefully, some of this work will be available at Old Man Leather along with his leather creations. Though versed in almost all product lines, Steve has a special penchant for guitar straps.

Mike Sheppard.

A Columbus College of Art & Design alumni with years of experience ranging from small business owner to design director for a global corporation, Mike is applying his decades of graphic art experience to the creation of unique hand crafted products. Mike has produced work for Fortune 500 companies, served on a college faculty, and won several design awards. Now, if we can teach him to make leather goods....

Bo Dillingham.

Bo worked his way through college doing dishes, waiting on tables, and making hand crafted leather goods. After 30 plus years of international travel as a Mechanical Engineer, he awoke to the idea that he had more fun in the leather business, and it is not to late to get going again. Now quite a bit older and at least a little wiser, Bo has built Old Man Leather around the idea that a fine hand crafted product can still be made in America at an affordable price, and a lot of fun can be had in the process. Bo says that, "We are all involved in Old Man Leather because of our love of the craft. Heaven knows we're not in it for the money!" We do make many of the old standbys like sandals, belts, bags, and barrettes, and we have all the standard dyes, glues, oils and treatments. However, we also make many of our own tools and treatments, we mix a variety of our own dye selections, and we make a few products that are not found elsewhere. Please note: Given some time and a little inspiration, we can very likely turn your own idea into a product that you will be proud to own and use for years (probably decades). Better yet, imagine what a gift something like that would make!


Based on the common font, "Bookman Old Style", our logo has an unusual letter "D" in the word, "OLD". This "D" has a "B" in the center, for "Bo Dillingham", the owner and creator of Old Man Leather. The name itself was a bit of a gag, as it is reminiscent of "Old Man River", and "Old Man Winter". Given wings, the "BD" is the logo in the background of this website, and is placed on the front left breast of our T-shirts.


The picture on our sign, and our business card, is a Fredrick Remington pen and ink sketch that is in the public domain.   Back in the late 60's, a young man walked into one of my leather shops, (named "Crown City Leathersmiths") with a photo copy of this drawing.   He told me the story of it's history, and said that he thought it would make a good logo for a leather shop.   I also liked the idea, and put it on my business cards.   It looked the same as it does now, except it said "Crown City Leathersmiths" instead of "Old Man Leather".
The strangest part of this story is that I didn't know the young man, and I never saw him before or since.   Also, back then, we did not have home computers.   When I decided to use the drawing again, it took me a couple of days to find a copy, even with the power of the internet.   It makes me even more curious as to how that young man found it, and how he obtained a photo copy.

Our History

Old Man Leather is the descendant of leather shops of the 60's, where all the goods were made on site, by the member's own hands.   Bo started working with leather while working his way through the Syracuse University School of Engineering. Through the years he worked with countless people of various skill levels, as well as various ages and occupations. Each one adding a little of themselves to the craft. Bo worked for other leather craftsmen in Syracuse, NY, and South Miami, Florida. Eventually, he bought the shop in South Miami (named The Brass Buckle) and opened another one in Coconut Grove, Florida (The Leathery). A few years into it, he opened yet another shop in Cortland, NY (Crown City Leathersmiths), and worked it until receiving his Engineering degree in 1973. Now back in Cortland, Bo and some of his long time freinds are back to making hand made leather goods the old fashioned way. See more about the individuals in the paragraphs above.

Our Shopping Cart

We use a shopping cart derived from the free, javascript based, NopCart.   The altered versions, known as NopERCarts were made by Eugene Reimer, and can be seen, demo'd and downloaded on his website http://ereimer.net/nopercart.htm.   We are very grateful for all his help and attention, as he built this version especially for us to handle the convoluted sales tax structures in New York State.   THANK YOU, MR. REIMER.